Coté Cosmetic Innovations: Innovating Tailor-Made Beauty

In the interview with Coté Cosmetics Solution's Founder & Managing Director - Vincent Coté, you will learn about the vision and mission of Coté Cosmetics Solution and how they experience working in a shared lab facility.

About Coté Cosmetics Solution.

At Coté Cosmetics Solution, our vision is to revolutionize the cosmetics industry by making tailor-made cosmetic formulations accessible to small and medium-sized beauty brands. We recognize the unique needs of these businesses and aim to provide them with customizable solutions that were once reserved for larger players in the industry. Our primary goal is to solve the problem of limited choices and high costs in the world of cosmetics.

Coté Cosmetics Solution's plans for the coming years

In the coming year and beyond, we have ambitious plans. Our main focus is to develop a broad catalog of easily adjustable cosmetic formulations. Additionally, we aim to streamline small-batch manufacturing processes, ensuring that our clients can bring their products to market efficiently and cost-effectively.

How do you experience working in a shared lab ecosystem?

Our experience working in a shared lab ecosystem like Open Kitchen Labs has been nothing short of remarkable. The community at OKL is not only kind and interesting, but it also fosters an environment of collaboration and innovation. Access to expert assistance is readily available, enabling us to overcome challenges and accelerate our product development. Moreover, the cost-effectiveness of shared lab facilities at OKL has been a game-changer for our start-up, saving us both time and money.

Do you see value in knowledge sharing and networking with other companies active in the same industry?

We firmly believe in the value of knowledge sharing and networking with other companies in the cosmetics industry. Collaborating with peers helps us stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and best practices. Moreover, the proximity to the University of Amsterdam and other companies at Science Park provides us with a unique opportunity to tap into the vast pool of resources, talent, and research expertise.

Who would you recommend Open Kitchen Labs?

If you're a startup engaged in extensive research and development work within the cosmetics industry, we wholeheartedly recommend Open Kitchen Labs. The supportive environment, access to experts, and cost-effective facilities make OKL an ideal choice for startups looking to innovate, create, and thrive in the world of cosmetics.

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