Unlocking the Chemistry of Innovation: Spark904's Vision for a Limitless World

Accessing cutting-edge research equipment and expertise is no longer a distant dream but a reality embraced by Spark904. With a strong belief in collaboration and the power of shared resources, Spark904 and Open Kitchen Labs, both born out of the University of Amsterdam, join forces to accelerate innovation. Their complementary business services exemplify how two spin-offs work hand in hand, bridging the gap between academia and industry at Amsterdam Science Park.

In the interview with Spark904’s Operational Director - Michael Doppert, you will learn about the vision and mission of Spark904 and how they experience working in a shared lab facility.

About Spark904.

Spark904 envisions a world where chemistry is everywhere, with no barriers preventing individuals and businesses from innovating. Our goal is to overcome challenges like limited knowledge and infrastructure by providing access to a wealth of chemistry expertise housed within Spark904 and the University of Amsterdam. Additionally, we leverage the university's research infrastructure to support all aspects of research and innovation

Spark904’s plans for the coming year.

In the coming years, Spark904 aims to continue assisting companies in their R&D endeavours. We strive to serve a wide range of businesses and actively participate in innovation within the sustainability sector. Our plans involve maintaining our current services of technical consultancy and research projects, while actively seeking opportunities to expand our network of shared infrastructure.

How do you experience working in a shared lab ecosystem?

Working within a shared lab ecosystem aligns seamlessly with our principles. This collaborative environment fosters the free exchange of experience and knowledge, benefiting everyone involved in their work.

Do you see value in knowledge sharing and networking with other companies active in the same industry?

Spark904 definitely recognizes the immense value in sharing knowledge and networking with other companies operating in the same industry. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, and a larger and more open network leads to greater advancements for all involved. Collaboration is key, and Science Park provides an ideal platform for establishing such partnerships.

Who would you recommend Open Kitchen Labs?

We highly recommend Open Kitchen Labs to companies of all sizes that lack their own laboratory space. Whether due to financial constraints or uncertainty regarding the value of investing in lab infrastructure, Open Kitchen Labs offers a perfect solution for conducting your own R&D. On top of this, it serves as an accessible entry point to the Amsterdam Science Park and its collaborative spirit.

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