TORWASH | Hydrothermal process technology for many waste streams

TORWASH, a TNO spin-off, has been an active user of our shared lab facility since 2022.

Their ambition is to solve the waste problem by processing many types of waste streams, even wet heterogeneous streams, and convert them into clean fuel.

In the interview with the CTO of TORWASH - Jan Pels, you will learn about the vision and mission of TORWASH and how they experience working in a shared lab facility.


The vision of TORWASH is that nothing is waste, not even sewage sludge. TORWASH is developing a hydrothermal technology suitable for processing many waste streams. In particular, sludge from wastewater treatment or wet agro-residues. The wet streams can benefit from hydrothermal treatment and separation. As a result, wet and contaminated biomass can be converted to clean fuel.

TORWASH plans for the coming year

TORWASH is currently performing lab scale tests at Open Kitchen Labs. Our plan is to start operating a pilot installation at a waste water treatment plant. We will use OKL as our laboratory for all experimental testing, in particular to investigate unexpected results. Also, we explore the behaviour of new feedstocks in the agro-sector and the potential to do chemical recycling of plastics using the TORWASH technology.

How do you experience working in a shared lab ecosystem?

My experience is that you meet interesting people, in particular those that share the lab. Good ideas and potential cooperation grow.

Do you see value in proximity to the University of Amsterdam and other companies at Science Park?

Yes, it is good to network and meet other companies in the same industry.

Who would you recommend Open Kitchen Labs?

I would recommend Open Kitchen Labs to any start-up or scale-up that is looking for a flexible laboratory space. The price of the lab facilities are very good. The flexibility and willingness to adapt to my wishes is much appreciated.

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