Why we see value in partnering with start-ups in the bio-economy


At Open Kitchen Labs we are convinced that our highest added value is in working together with start-ups that are ambitious to offer solutions in the context of sustainability. The bio-based world has some common technological challenges that it faces irrespective of the segment that it belongs. Technologically intensive start-ups in the bio-economy face a major technical hurdle when it comes to finding right kind of lab spaces & knowledge partners to move ahead on the TRL scale. Next to that, they need intense R&D rounds for bench-marking of bio-based feedstocks, quality and grade of recycled materials, analytical standards etc.

According to a study performed by researchers in Gottingen , currently 2/5th of start-ups that identify as technology intensive, perform any research of their own; either continuously or outsourced. This is mostly cost related and the fact that the supply chain and logistics of chemicals, consumables, disposables and equipment still remain elusive. A market-place in this context is still to surface. In a start-up ecosystem, start-ups seek cooperation from their alma maters, universities, but resources and information on availability are scattered. Access is at best favor based and irregular.

On the other hand, universities and other research institutions host state-of-the-art research infrastructure that is not used optimally. Our sister concern Spark904 has been active in this field for about 5 years now, with unique access to research facilities at Amsterdam Science Park. Open Kitchen Labs is a much needed addition to this ecosystem that gives start-ups a strong foothold at Amsterdam Science Park by providing a lab facilities on an on-demand basis.

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Our lab facilities at Matrix ONE | Amsterdam Science Park

In November 2022 we moved to the brand new Matrix ONE building. Read here about the lab spaces here.

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Why Amsterdam needs smart solutions

By disburdening start-ups of the investments and logistics behind setting up lab spaces, we empower them to do what they are best at.